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General requirements for private parties include: one large room that can accommodate the number of people attending plus seven actors. Also needed is one smaller room that can accommodate 7-10 people to stage murder scenes. Prices vary with amount of people, and distance traveled. Many of our Murders on the Menu below are availavle for private events.


Call for further details: 303.473.0811

Mystery Offerings

Murder 1974 – Fangs for The Memories

It is September of 1974. Gerald Ford is president, and the dust of Watergate has begun to settle. The American involvement in Vietnam has ended, and things are returning to “normal” in America, or are they? What evil presence is murdering the denizens of the BlueBird Lodge?

Murder 1956: ‘Til Death Do Us Part

A family feud dating back to the 16th century ignites this mystery. Our story unfolds in a mask of intrigue gauzier than the brides' veil as suspicion comes raining down faster than wedding rice. Prepare for a ride as crazy and unpredictable as marriage itself!

Murder 1936: It’s My Party I Can Die If I Want To

Our “birthday murder,” where we explore the thorny questions of youth and mortality. The guests are invited to the mayor’s birthday party where you will meet some of the town’s most portentous and influential people. The mayor’s gifts and guests make this murder fascinating to the very end.

Murder 1973: Vengeance is Mayan

Vengeance is Mayan is a far-out tale of greed and retribution about two families whose paths fatefully crossed 100 years ago. Your inquiry could be aided by a scholar of ancient hieroglyphics and his rival, a scheming adventuress. Will the mysterious visionary who shows up to cash in on the groovy waters of Hope Springs be suspect?

Murder 1941: Death Rides the Airwaves

Watch the radio cast perform from the 6th episode of the smash hit... "The Black Mantis" live from KDED radio station and then witness the ruthless behind the scenes interaction between these egocentric and willful personalities as they slip and slide down the icy path of deception and mendacity.

Murder 1929: Will Power

On October 30, 1929 Richard Tate's family and friends are summoned to the Bluebird Lodge for the reading of his last will and disposition of his family estate. When large sums of money are involved, family loyalty, trust and blood-ties take a back seat to greed and proves that money is often thicker than blood.

Murder 1958: Life’s a Bitch, and Then You Die

It is 1958 and Alaska has just become a state. Here at home, Lord Harold Baker of Staffordshire has vanished, much to the distress of his family. Has he been murdered, kidnapped, or has he disappeared of his own accord? Only some dogged sleuthing can pick up the scent of this blueblood to unleash this murderous tale.

Murder 1937: Murder for Dummies

Join the cast and crew of Murder 1937, Murder for Dummies, as they careen through a tragic story-line of lost love and finished flyers. We presents a slightly historic, reminiscent romp with robust characters, twisted plotlines and life-like death scenes. This murder is a challenge for all, and will leave you haunted and quizzical for days…..

Murder 1923: Wise Guise

It is Independence Day in Gold Hill, 1923, and a colorful group of guests arrive at the Bluebird Lodge. For some this is a homecoming, but others have come to acquire real estate, for the hotel is up for grabs. At the stroke of midnight, who will own the hotel? The Silent Film Star? The Mob Widow? Or someone with murder in their heart?