Murder 1974: Fangs for the Memories

For just one night…leave your troubles behind
(and solve someone else’s!)

Pull together teams of 5 – 10 computers for a chillaxing romp through the 1970s… Compete with one another to unravel the secrets that unfold in this crazy Virtual Interactive Murder Mystery.

Zoom with us for Murder 1974:  Fangs for the Memories: 
Gerald Ford is president, and the dust of Watergate has begun to settle. The American involvement in Vietnam has ended, and things are returning to “normal” in America, or are they? What evil presence is murdering the guests of the Bluebird Lodge? Perhaps some ancient creature of darkness has arrived on Gold Hill? Insect, animal, paranormal or just a malevolent creature hell bent on homicide? Join us for Murder 1974 – Fangs for the Memories and find out for yourselves….
(ps: This is one groovy murder, man, but it will take more than flower-power to solve it!)

Minimum Event Charge of $300.
Contact us for reservations or private party inquiries: David Brigham and Maggie Simms
303.473.0811 or tildeathdouspartymysteries@gmail.com
We encourage you to make a total evening of it… dress in costume (well, from the waist up at least,) eat the foods of the 70s, drink the drinks of the 70s, and create a special Seventies Spotify selection for when you are answering your questionnaire. 
Compete with your friends and relatives across the country!

You may send additional tips to our actors:

 Venmo:  Maggie-Simms-2 or PayPal:  tildeathdouspartymysteries@gmail.com

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‘til Death Do Us Party Productions
David Brigham and Maggie Simms