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The 2012 Boney Awards:boney

Steve Dalton: we just want to take a moment to acknowledge and commend Steve Dalton, an actor who worked with us on three shows, playing Big John Goodman in Murder 1905. Steve had every bit as big a heart as Big John, and he was certainly a GOOD MAN. We shall miss his contributions to our company. Rest in peace, Mr. Dalton.

1. American Herpatological Society Award for Vivian Sutherland's riveting tale of the Black Mamba in her portrayal of Sara Prophet in Murder 1924 – was it really about a "snake?"

2. The only two-time winner of the Phelix Mangler Award for Best Hair goes to Dan Sutherland for his creative use of Just for Men as Tony Zamboni in Murder 1924.

3. The Grateful Dead – We Just Play What We Feel Like, When We Feel Like It Award for playing the 2nd song 1st goes to Hal Landem in his portrayal of Ace Diamond in Murder 1924 and thus throwing the rest of the actors off of off their cues and entrances.

4. The Dustin Hoffman Method Acting Award goes to Rae Strom for going over to the Gold Hill Inn for a drink- still in costume while playing Hagar Prophet in Murder 1924, and Brian refusing to serve her because she was "pregnant."

5. The Sybil Award goes to Steven Rolen for announcing that he had multiple personalities– producing a stunned silence from the Christian wedding party from Nebraska at the Greenbriar Inn - as he introduced himself at the end of Murder 1956.

6. Ed McMahon Side-kick Award for cueing the applause goes to Maggie Simms when she ended the stunned silence by saying: "And this is where you give Steven a big round of applause."

7. The Martha Stewart Award for Inferior Decorating goes to David Brigham for crashing into and knocking over a partition in Murder 1956 at the Greenbriar Inn while playing Angus Campbell in Murder 1956.

8. A corporate Award: The Motel 6 Magic Fingers Award goes to Robin Abb for the head massage she gave to David at the Altona Grange Hall after he suffered a migraine headache.

9. The Clara Bow "It Girl" Award goes to Ariel Haan for looking like a million bucks in her portrayal of Delilah in Murder 1924

10. The Donald Trump Worst Boss Award goes to Scott Carrico for his portrayal of Otto C. Rattic in Murder 1905. "You're Fired, Ice-hole."

11. The Nutty Professor, Goofy to Groovy Award goes to Michael Vasicek for his portrayals of Ronald, the Nuclear Physicist and Ronnie the beatnik hipster, in Murder 1956.

12. Another corporate award: The Pfizer Viagra Award goes to Julie Hudetz for her successful treatment of her husband's sexual dysfunction as Olivia Meyer in Murder 1936.

13. The Ted Nugent Inappropriate Discourse Award goes to Glenn Locke for his comment made in Murder 1905 for Flo's….well, we can't say that! Or when he announced at the make-up table prior to Murder 1905 at the Boulderado that….well we repeat that either!

14. US Postal Service Award goes to Richard Rolan who apparently lives somewhere at the base of Sunshine canyon – perhaps in a mailbox? We still are not sure.

15. The US Coast Guard Life-Saving Award goes to Dave Blumenstock for rescuing us once again and appearing as Dr. Hund in Murder 1958.

16. The Circle of Love Award goes to Carol Lopez for her futile attempts to catch Ernst Flugen's one eye in Murder 1937, Murder for Dummies.

17. The Hair today, Gone Tomorrow Award goes to Julie Excell for laughing so hard, that she threw her wig across the room in her final maniacal speech as Hecate MacDonald in Murder 1956.


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