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Every year, ‘Til Death Do Us Party Productions gives awards to its many talented actors. Here is the listing of the Boney Awards for 2010:boney

Mick Lambuth: The Mark Zuckerberg Award goes to Mick Lambuth who would leave his day job waiting tables to play newly minted millionaire Richard Tate IV in Murder 1929 Will Power - a regular Rags-to-Richie story

Ethan Vimont: The American Cattlemen’s Association Award for the best rambling bull shit in his portrayal of Levi Tate (can you say “packs of bears,” not to mention the detailed picture of his encounter with Hesione Tate all the way out on the ridge) in Murder 1929 Will Power

Nick Stockwell: The Craig Ferguson Award for his portrayal of a charming host with a funny accent as Godfrey Knight (also known as Gottfried Nacht) in Murder 1941: The Adventures of the Black Mantis

Glenn Locke: The Milton Berle Award for “dropping trou” for his entrance as the late Richard Tate the III, smoking a cigar and dressed in a smoking jacket and black silk boxers patterned with red Murder 1929 Will Power

Julie Hudetz: The Mrs. Robinson Award for her aggressive attempts to seduce Levi - no matter who played him - in her portrayal of Hesione Tate in Murder 1929: Will Power

Maggie Simms: The Martha Stewart Award for her extraordinary attention to detail as she brilliantly packed the car with everything necessary for Murder 1958, one day prior to the Fourmile Fire

Carol Lopez: The Meow Mix Cat-That-Ate-the-Canary Award for the look on her face during the reading of her line: “I woke up in the Cellar, and there was a man on top of me!” while playing Katie Popov in Murder 1929 Will Power

Seth Harris: The Christian Dior Award for striding around in knee pants and making it look manly while playing the condescending Richie Tate in Murder 1929 Will Power

Robin Abb: The Mr. Coffee Award for her perky portrayal of Corgi Russell in Murder 1958: Life’s a Bitch and Then You Die

Victor Ferrer: The Phelix Mangler Award for Best Hair while playing Levi Tate in Murder 1929 Will Power

Rae Strom: The Justine Bieber Fresh New Face Award for her debut in ‘Til Death Do Us Party while playing the role of Anadda (Anatasia) in Murder 1929 Will Power

Deborah Stafford: The Purrrlitzer Prize for her catty performance as Hesi Tate in Murder 1929 Will Power

John Carrico: The National Association of Ambulance Chasers Award for his portrayal of the sleazy lawyer, Gravious Tate in Murder 1929 Will Power

David Blumenstock: The Nosferatu ‘Don’t Touch My Junk” Award for coming back from the dead when a guest inappropriately touched him as Doc S. Hund in Murder 1958: Life’s a Bitch and Then You Die

Ariel Haan: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Time Warp Award for her debut with TDDUPP when she thought she’d arrived an hour and 15 minutes early when really, due to a scheduling glitch, she found herself on stage less than 15 minutes later...

Michael Vasicek: The American Kennel Club Labrador Retriever Award for his swift fetching of the squeaky hamburger shortly after he’d entered without it, while playing Sheriff Rod Weiler in Murder 1958: Life’s a Bitch and Then You Die

David Brigham: Dirty Harry “Make My Day” award... for finally shooting a certain repeat guest “to death” and offering the gun to other actors and even other guests, after the summation in Murder 1929 Will Power


boney awards

boney awards

boney awards

boney awards

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